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Abrax Training and River Lions Announce Partnership for 2016-2017 Campaign

Released: July 26, 2016

The Niagara River Lions have formed a new partnership with Abrax Rehab & Training – an emerging personal health and fitness service – for the upcoming season.

The personal training and rehabilitation service located in St. Catharines is owned by Kevin Wilson, the lead strength and conditioning trainer for the River Lions. Wilson is no stranger to the sport of basketball, having played at both the high school and college level, and has treated athletes from an array of skill levels where he pushed each and every one to reach new potential.

"Being on the training staff for the Niagara River Lions last season vastly enhanced my respect for the organization, the members involved, and the league (NBL Canada) as a whole. I am ecstatic to be partnering with the River Lions for the 2016-2017 season,” said Wilson. “Abrax Rehab & Training and the Niagara River Lions have already been able to do great things together within this community and I look forward to seeing more concurrent growth both as separate entities and as partners."

The River Lions are pleased with the announcement, as Abrax made a big impact behind-the-scenes last year through extensive work and treatment with the team at home and on the road.

“The work that Kevin and Abrax have done for the team is outstanding and we couldn’t be happier for them,” said Josh Knoester, the River Lions Manager of Corporate Sales. “Their service has helped many across the province showing great results, which is a testament to the wealth of experience they have at their disposal. In addition, their professionalism makes them terrific to work with and it definitely translates well with the players, so we are excited that they will be back for the 2016-2017 season.”

Wilson and Abrax Rehab & Training are looking forward to what their future with the Niagara River Lions will hold, along with what they can continue to provide to the surrounding Niagara community. With many success stories from clients, Wilson is hoping that Abrax furthers its growth in the Niagara Region as basketball continues to soar to new heights.  


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